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TORU DODO (Grammy -nominated pianist/composer/arranger)

born in Tokyo , started playing classical piano at age 4.
Shortly after entering the prestigious Meiji University in Tokyo where Dodo majored in Economics, he discovered Jazz music, and soon after began gigging in Tokyo area.

After graduating Meiji University, he went onto study the Berklee College of Music in Boston (1995), where he graduated as summa cum laude in 1998.
Following his graduation from Berklee,Dodo moved to NY.

His musical career progressed both as a leader and a sideman with tours taking him all over the world

Dodo has released to date five solo albums: "DODO"(2002); "116 West 238 St."(2004) featuring Reuben Rogers on bass and John Lamkin on drums: " DODO 3" (2006) featuring Joseph Lepore on bass and Rodney Green on drums) all produced by legendary guitarist ,Yoshiaki Masuo for the Japanese label , Jazz City Spirits/Muzak, His fourth album entitled " Do You Like Cappuccino?"( 2009) and His latest album "JAfro"(2012/2013) from Dodo's do & do label.

Dodo has also published his own book, "Excellent Jazz Solo Piano" for Rittor Music in Japan in 2008.

That same year, after performing with his trio at the International Association for Jazz Education( IAJE) in Toronto, he was awarded by the IAJE for his outstanding service to jazz education. He also received the BRIO(Bronx Recognized Its Own)Award for his performance, again in 2008.

Dodo has contributed his playing as a sideman for noted musicians such as Kenny Garrett, Benny Golson,Curtis Fuller, Louis Hayes, Ruth Brown, Terumasa Hino just to name a few. Currently , aside from his trio, he works with notable singers such as Somi, Alicia Olatuja, Nicole Henry and Laurin Talese .

Dodo hosted the Sunday Jam Session at Cleopatra's Needle, a jazz club on 92nd and Broadway in NYC from 2001 to 2010.

Currently(2018), Dodo is one of the regular pianists for off-broadway show since 2011."Sleep No More" in NYC.

2021, Somi's live album "Holy Room: Live at Alte Oper With Frankfurt Radio Big Band" that Dodo played on was nominated for Grammy's Best Jazz Vocal Album.

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 大学卒業後1995年ボストンのBerklee College of Musicのジャズ作曲科に留学。
 在学中に演奏部門で “ Performance Award ” 、作曲部門で “ Herb Pomeroy Award ” を学校より受賞。
1997年 Berklee CD『 Summa Cum Jazz~the best of Berklee College of Music』(BMG JAZZ CLUBより発売)に自己のグループを含めて 4グループに参加。
1998年夏より NY に移住。


自主制作の『 Melancholy Cats 』(1999、diskunion)

増尾好秋のプロデュースによる3作品『DODO』(2002、Jazz City Spirit − 徳間ジャパン)

『116 West 238 Street』(2004、Jazz City SpiritーMuzak ) 

『DODO 3』(2006、Jazz City SpiritーMuzak)

自己レーベルより『Do You Like Cappuccino?』(2008、do & doーMuzak)

『JAfro』(2012/2013、do & do)


 著作に、リットーミュージックから『エクセレント ジャズ ソロピアノ』(2008年2月出版)がある。

 共演したミュージシャンに、 Kenny Garrett (As)、Benny Golson (Ts)、Curtis Fuller (tb)、Louis Hayes (drums), Ruth Brown(Vo),日野皓正 (tp)等がいる。

   2008年1月、百々徹トリオで, トロントで開かれたIAJE(International Association for Jazz Education) に出演。ジャズ教育に対する貢献に対して表彰される。
 2008年5月 ブロンクスのアーティストを支援する、Bronx Council of ArtsよりBRIO Awardを受賞。

2001年から2010年まで、 Creopatra's Needle ( 92st on Broadway ) のジャムセッションのホストを勤めた。

 現在 (2018年)NY を拠点に、自己のトリオをはじめ、Somi、Alicia Olatuja、Nicole Henry, Laurin Taleseといった歌手のピアニストとして、 世界中で演奏をしている。

またオフブロードウェイショー『Sleep No More』のピアニストとして2011年以来、定期的に演奏している。

2021年、演奏で参加したSomiのライヴアルバム『Holy Room: Live at Alte Oper with Frankfurt Radio Big Band』がグラミー賞Best Jazz Vocal Album にノミネートされた。

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