CDs Toru Dodo's compositions are on

Reuben Rogers / The Things I Am (RENWICK Entertainment INC, 2006)

"Phillip" from "DODO" is recorded.

The XM Radio Sessions/ The Berklee Concert Jazz Orchestra(XMradio, 2006)

My big band compositions : "Malancholy Cats" and "Inorganic Swing" are recorded.

Pete Zimmer/Judgement(Tippin' Records, 2006)

"Dot Dot.."from "Dodo" is recorded. Also Toru Dodo co-wrote " Cut Off".

Pete Zimmer Quintet /Burnin' Live at the Jazz Standard(Tipp'n Records, 2006)

"Brush Pitch" from "Dodo 3" is recorded.

SOMI/Red Soil in My Eyes (World Village , 2007)

Toru Dodo did a string arrangement on "Quietly"

Midori Ikeda/Time He Gave Me ( Mid Corporation, 2008)

credited as a director and an arranger

The Poisonous Birds/Live @Jo Federigo's (2008)

"Premonition" from "116 West 238st." is recorded.

SOMI/If the Rain Comes First (ObliqueSounds Records, 2009)

Toru Dodo co-wrote "Jewel of His Soul"