Reviews on DODO 3 (USA)

By Michael G. Nastos AllMusic.Com.

Toru Dodo is clearly a brilliant, hip, inspired jazz pianist
Dodo is proving himself a major new voice on the contemporary scene, with potential for much more. Get in on the ground floor with Toru Dodo, and this exceptional recording.

By James Rosen, The Inside Connection, March 2007

Toru Dodo's third release, appropriately titled 3, is a fine example of what a gifted pianist with phenomenal composition skills can produce.
The track (NYUCS) has samples from the train's conductor, and its placement inside of Dodo's funky grooves plays to be one of the hippest tunes I have heard in some time.
This is a solid, well-composed release by one of the most exciting new talents in jazz.

By Brad Walseth, JazzChicago .net Jan.31,2007

In a musical landscape filled with pianists who seem to have been cut with the same cookie cutter, it is a true pleasure to find someone who is forging their own original style. Toru Dodo may not be the next Thelonius Monk (yet), but he is developing his own unique and individual approach to the piano - one that is sure to enchant the discerning listener. His 3rd release - "DoDo 3" continues the artist's journey forward - and is a bewitching romp filled with luscious playing and a sly sense of humor.

By Bryan P.Lonergan , All About Jazz June 2006

Toru Dodo’s name may not be at the top of people’s lists of riveting jazz pianists―yet―but with recordings like Dodo3, such recognition could come soon enough.

By Budd Copman, All About Jazz, April 2007

His latest recording, Dodo 3, is so full of life, happiness, humor, fine compositions and just plain good playing as to set it apart from run-of-the-mill piano trio records.
Dodo, as evidenced on Dodo 3, clearly deserves greater recognition, which cannot help but happen even if he lives in New York City but roots for the Boston Red Sox! Recommended.

By Michael P. Gladstone, All About Jazz ,April 2007

a good showcase of his compositional abilities.

By Ed Blanco, January 29,2007

Dodo 3 is an album of warm rhythm-based combination of mellow light jazz with sparks of brilliance from a master pianist and wonderful trio. A welcome addition to my collection of jazz music

By Glenn Astarita, April 2007

No doubt, Dodo’s third release as a leader communicates a fertile playing field where vast musical ideas and methodologies coalesce in a thoroughly hip program that seldom fails to excite.